You’ll Never Guess What This Unhappy Bride Told Me When She Saw Her Wedding Photos ..

One of my greatest fears (and sources of anxiety) as a wedding photographer is when a customer does not like their wedding photos.

When a couple such as yourselves put your trust in me, hire me for my experience (and hopefully personality), I want to repay you manyfold.

I work my ass off on the day and afterwards to give you the best possible experience.

Believe me when I say that the last thing I want you to feel is disappointment.

But every peak has its valley and on this occasion, I was shattered when I began reading Tara’s email.

It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this and the reason is that I had to get my head and heart around my reaction to our photos.

Hopefully what I write will come across in the right way – that being completely honest and positive. I will preface by saying that I am a pretty emotional person, and highly insecure – I am consistently second guessing decisions that I have made, or looking back on things in my life with regret. That’s just the way I am.

When I got the link to the photos I nearly squealed myself out of my chair at work. I eagerly entered the password, and cursed my phone’s slow data for not showing me the photos fast enough.

Slowly I felt a creeping horrible feeling – one that took me by surprise.

Slowly I felt a creeping horrible feeling.

I found myself thinking “Where is X? Where is Y?”

I couldn’t reconcile myself. I never had any expectations of what the photos would be. One of the main reasons I chose you was because I trusted your eye, your vision and how you capture the story that unfolds in front of you. And yet as I continued through the photos, I found myself looking for a particular shot, a particular moment and I thought – “This is crazy!”

I felt the horrible feeling of disappointment.

It didn’t make sense – how could I be disappointed when I never had any expectations? When the photos were beautiful? When everything was captured the way it happened?

Was it just because I can’t stand photos of myself?

I rang JP and tried to explain my reaction and feelings. He tried to reassure me – the photos were beautiful, they were how our day panned out, they were what I had said I wanted.

Hating the feeling, I sat down and tried to reason with my emotions. I made a list under three headings: photos I loved, photos I wish I had, photos I disliked.

And what did I find?

  • Twenty events/moments captured that I loved
  • Three events I wish I had
  • One event I disliked (and only because it was not what I expected lol)

I sat back and realised I was being stupid. One of the events I wish I had never happened on the day; how could something be captured that never was? The other events were captured by a family member, so they became none issues.

The one event I didn’t like were the sexy photos of JP – they turned out hilarious! But how can I blame you guys trying to take this pictures of JP?! I’ll just take them myself 😉 As it should be!

What did I love?

The laughter.
The tears.
The love.
The dancing.
The joy.
The friendship.

Now, when I go through the photos I feel the same way I did on the day during each photo. I feel as giddy as I did when I was standing in that pavilion listening to Robyn. I feel the awesomeness of doing Gangnam style with our family and friends. I feel the love when JP’s tears fell.

What led me to write this email now was reading your recap when you mentioned jealousy. And I don’t know if it’s in the same context, but it struck me because that is what led me to feeling sad when I first viewed the photos. I never thought I had expectations of how our photos would turn out – I knew they would be amazing because I knew you were an amazing photographer.

But it turns out I did.

And when I viewed them it was jealousy that made me feel sad – jealous of other people’s weddings, of other people’s photos and moments.

I wish I had a sweeping shot in the dark with a beautiful backdrop, veil in the wind, except my wedding wasn’t at night, and I left my veil when I got changed!

I hope that I’ve been able to convey my journey in a positive way, and I want to reinforce that I am not sad or disappointed in the photos – there is absolutely nothing wrong with them! They are perfect because they are our day, as it happened, captured beautifully. They are unique – there are no generic bridal shots, done by every other couple. They are ours.

Thank you so much for your beautiful work, dedication to your art and general awesomeness. We cannot begin to imagine the trials and hardships of having your own business and the struggles you have gone through. But please know we appreciate your tirelessness, efforts and hours of work after the day is done. I can’t wait to see your career soar – the new business in 2013 is well deserved and your future clients are so lucky to have you. Most importantly, I can’t wait till your own love story comes to the point of marriage 🙂


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