If You’re Thinking Of Styling Your Own Wedding (DIY) Be Sure To Read This Before You Do

At first it seems like a good idea; to do everything yourself – from invites to flowers to the styling of your entire reception.

It’s your wedding after all. Your vision. Nobody can execute it better than you.

“It’ll save us a tonne of money” you tell yourself.

How hard could it be to source chairs, tables, candles, jars, plates, cutler, foliage, an arch … ? But remember, someone (you) has to collect/source/hire said chairs, tables, candles, jars, foliage; set said chairs, tables, candles, jars, plates, cutlery and foliage; and what most couples forget is that if they’re doing it all by themselves, they are responsible for packing it down and disposing of the rubbish.

Oh, and don’t forget about lighting said candles. All 50+ of them.

The funny thing is, it usually ends up costing you more.

More money and a lot more time.

When I caught up with Hayley to deliver her with her wedding photos, I asked her if there was anything that she and Oscar would do differently.

“I would have a professional do it.” – she didn’t even think about her response.

Their DIY country town wedding was beautiful in every way. As you can see from the photos, they had a very rustic vibe to it. From gumtree foliage to and open air reception – they did it all themselves.

“Our wedding was on Saturday and we arrived on Wednesday to start setting things up. We were working on it until the very last second before we got married. Our parents arrived even earlier to give us extra help.”

From laying out the dance floor tiles to hanging fairy lights, they (and their family) worked tirelessly in hot and humid conditions to create their dream wedding.

“Thinking back, it probably would have cost the same to hire a professional. At least we wouldn’t have to worry about the rain!”

Time and money investment aside, there is one more thing to consider when you are thinking of going own the DIY path.

Your chosen wedding venue may not allow you to carry out the work unless you have public liability insurance. They are also obligated to follow OH&S regulations that may prevent individuals from carrying out certain work such as climbing onto ladders, carrying heavy items etc. To avoid disappointment, it is best to consult with your wedding venue prior to doing everything yourself.


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