Is Wedding Videography Necessary?

“Is wedding videography necessary?” – this is one of the most Google-d questions.

If you are a listener of Gimlet Media’s ‘Sandra’, then you’ll get the following reference:

“Sandra, is wedding videography necessary?”

The answer is always and unequivocally, no.

No, wedding videography isn’t necessary.

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Just as a wedding isn’t necessary in most countries to become legally married.

But here’s the thing.

Imagine seeing your mum as the realisation hits her during your vows that you’re finally an independent woman.

Imagine seeing your father looking stiff AF, but mostly proud AF, as he walks you down the aisle.

Imagine hearing the voice of your husband, as he commits his life to you in front of all your family and friends.

Can you imagine a world without these memories?

A carefully crafted wedding film fills in all the gaps that modern photography leaves behind.

As magical as wedding photography is, it can only freeze a split second of time.

A wedding film, or if you choose to hire us – a series of purposeful wedding films, tells the passing of time with the full spectrum of emotions as they happen.

This is the true magic of cinema.

Most couples fall into the trap of choosing between wedding photography and wedding videography.

In my opinion, they are not mutually exclusive but rather, both are required to produce a cohesive experience.

And that is why I offer to very small select few a complete full-service wedding photo + film experience (a word of warning though, we start from $11,000).

Wedding videography, when combined with an heirloom, album – featuring meaningful memories, is necessary for you to enjoy the full experience that your wedding celebration deserves.

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