Would you like to
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Would you like to
win 1 of 3
storytelling experiences
worth $3,500?

General Wedding FAQs

Getting Married - The Process

To be legally married in Australia, a person must:

  • not be married to someone else
  • not be marrying a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister
  • be at least 18 years old, unless a court has approved a marriage where one party is aged between 16 and 18 years old
  • understand what marriage means and freely consent to marrying
  • use specific words during the ceremony
  • give written notice of their intention to marry to their authorised celebrant, within the required time frame.

Your celebrant will help you understand these requirements.

Recommended celebrants: Robyn Pattison, Stef The Celebrant, Jessica Cachillo.

When Should I Lock In A Wedding Vendor?

As soon as you possibly can!

Many busy wedding vendors are booked out well in advance (9+ months).

To avoid disappointment, try to lock a wedding supplier ASAP!

Is A Booking Fee Normal?

Every wedding vendor will require a deposit of some sort, typically payable the time of booking.

The booking fee (or deposit) ensures that your booking is formalised.

For wedding suppliers that take on only one project per day (e.g., wedding photographer), the booking fee prevents them from taking on other work.

There is no industry standard for the booking fee amount – each vendor sets it according to their requirements.

How To Spot The Difference Between Amateur And Professional

At first glance, it may be difficult to spot the difference in the quality of work between an amateur and a professional.

The devil however, is in the details – that is, a professional will have appropriate business insurances (public liability, WorkCover, personal accident injury) so that when things go wrong (and they do!), they are properly prepared to deal with them.

An amateur quite often will not.

For any type of on-site installation (e.g, suspended florals), your wedding venue will require your wedding supplier to prove that they are certified and/or qualified to carry out such work.

For 99% of Sydney-based wedding venues, wedding suppliers must provide a Certificate of Currency for $20M Public Liability cover.

Should I Feed Our Wedding Vendors?


You don’t have to per se, but when you do, your wedding supplier will go the extra mile for you.

For example, your wedding day coordinator is often by your side from the morning until the very end. He/she has absolutely no opportunity to take a break, let along go have a sit-down meal – especially if your wedding venues are out of town. The same applies for wedding photographers.

Typically, we pack our own snacks to keep our sugar levels topped up throughout the day but nothing beats a hot meal at night after 9+ hours on our feet.

Are Tips Customary?


And we never expect to be tipped.

All we want is for you to have the best of times and to love our work.

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