Are you ready for the best wedding day ever?

Exclusively for a small number of couples every year, we’d love to create for you:

A series of short films that you will watch again and again, transporting you back to the exact moment of how you felt on your wedding day.
✅ A stunning leather-bound heirloom wedding album featuring your favourite meaningful moments.
Lifetime access to the joy and excitement you felt on your wedding day.

Here’s what couples just like you have said ..

Vivian Tran

Vivian Tran

“Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the amazing photography and videography!

You combined our Hindu, civil and tea ceremony seamlessly and kept the whole affair a relaxing and fun experience for us.

We’re so glad go have used your services for the biggest moment of our lives and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else.”

Alyse M. Hunter

Alyse M. Hunter

“We have never seriously felt so comfortable around a photographer.

Dan was so knowledgeable about flattering angles and fun! Most of all he put us to ease pre-wedding then acted invisible when he needed to capture those amazing shots at the ceremony.”

Christine Wu

Christine Wu

“Dear Dan and the team at Angus Porter By DKC, I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.

Jeremy and I had a whole lot of fun yesterday.

Both you and Andy helped us relax and have fun, and made the experience all the more enjoyable.

The video looks fantastic, our families are so excited to watch it and I cannot wait to see the pictures!”

Kimberly Jovanovski

Kimberly Jovanovski

“Professional yet hilarious.

It was a pleasure having them at our wedding. They managed to take every shot without us ‘feeling’ of ‘seeing’ them.

Dan made our day so much more memorable.

Thank you!”

Couples Tell Us All The Time

They don’t want posed, cheesy and stiff photos.

But naturally, they want to look and feel great.

They don’t want to hear their own voices (because who actually likes hearing their own voice on playback?).

But of course, they want real moments presented back to them.

You’re probably feel the same way.

Without spoiling the magic, this is exactly what we can do for you.

Get More Than *Just* Photographs + Films

At the end of day, you understand that you’re not paying thousands of dollars for ink on paper and some short films.

You’re getting access to something far greater.

Imagine flipping through the pages of your heirloom album with your 8 year old daughter sitting on your lap.

Ten years have passed since your wedding day and sadly, your grandma is no longer with us.

But there she is, on pages and pages of joyful memories.

Imagine the words you would use to describe your grandma to your daughter.

Imagine the stories that you would tell her ..

Imagine how you would feel when watching a short film on Mother’s Day where all the moments and interactions you shared with your mother on your wedding day, were wrapped up and tied up with a ribbon and gifted to you in a short video clip.

Imagine how special you would feel knowing that your wedding day served a greater role in expressing your love for your loved ones.

Wait until you realise how different our wedding films are.

And by ‘different‘, we mean that you will watch and re-watch each short film because they feature your favourite people from your most memorable day.

But we’re not going to spoil the surprise for you just yet ..

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