Is Candid Wedding Photography What You Really Want?

Candid wedding photography has become a clichéd buzzword. All those photos that you love from Instagram, Pinterest and wedding blogs are by definition, not candid.

From photographing nearly 300 couples across 8+ years, I have discovered that the thing that most couples don’t want to to feel whilst being photographed is being rigid and awkward.

Nobody wants to feel awks AF.
Myself included.

Rigid and awks is typically associated with being posed. Mostly because the poses don’t fit the couple and/or the situation.

“We don’t want to be posed” – something that almost every couple tells me.

But here’s the thing, all those loved up moments on mountain tops, in the rain, and in fields of long grass have some degree of posing.

classic go to wedding pose

Think about it – have you ever done eskimo kisses with your better half?

No right? Not even on your first few dates.

Yet, almost every third wedding photo on Instagram involves two people with their noses together.

Hardly natural at all.

Despite being very natural in my approach to photographing couples, I admit to providing directions to my subjects. Without this subtle art of posing, most couples don’t know how to comfortably fall into each other – and that is the aim isn’t it? To look and feel amazing together.

most bridal portraits are posed in some way (and that's ok)

Some photographers market themselves as being 100% photojournalistic. Once again, another buzzword which doesn’t really mean anything. Do you truly want a photographer who never provides any direction?

There used to be a time where wedding photographers provided direction in every single photo. Key moments were staged. I’m talking about the film days when you were lucky to receive more than 24 photographs from your wedding day.

Contemporary wedding photography however, has completely evolved since those film days – mostly because it costs nothing to record a digital image. Most modern wedding photographers these day do take a photojournalistic approach to photographing moments throughout the wedding day.

candid wedding photo of father of the bride tearing up authentic moments captured in wedding photos

Instead of searching for and being misled by candid wedding photos on the Internet, may I suggest that you find a wedding photographer that gels with you?

By finding a photographer that shares the same interests and values as you, I am certain that you’ll feel less awkward when he/she turns the camera on you. He/she will be able to make you laugh and within minutes take your mind off yourself and onto what is important – being together with your other half.


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