Why I Highly Recommend Engagement Sessions To My Couples

are engagement sessions worth it?

You probably know what an engagement session is but just to be clear, an engagement session is essentially a photography portraiture session for you and your partner.

It is called popularly referred to as an engagement session because many couples hire their wedding photographer as one of the first steps in their wedding planning. And what better way to announce your wedding date than with a series of professionally taken images?

For most couples, their engagement session experience is their first time having professional photos of themselves together.

For me personally, I see engagement sessions as a way for couples to spend some quality time with each other.

When you’re planning your wedding, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Instead, every minute detail is in your head. Things that the rational you in five years time will scoff at. But it’s your wedding day and understandably, you want things to be perfect.

That is why I like to bring couples back to their big ‘why’ during the engagement session.

It is easy to look at Instagram and think that engagement sessions are about exotic backdrops and over the top PDA. They’re not.

An engagement session is simply an hour or two spent together, where you look at each other, laugh at/with each other, and forget about everything else.

If you’re not the type of couple who look at each other and hold hands and cuddle – that’s ok too. Your photographer will find a way to make you look and feel comfortable.

And as a by-product, you get photos of the two of you together that aren’t selfies.

Theses are my favourite Sydney engagement session spots:

  • Milk Beach
  • Camp Cove
  • Nielson Park
  • Centennial Park
  • Paddington Reserve
  • Bradleys Head
  • Palm Beach
  • Kings Tableland


blue mountains engagement session location engagement session with autumn leaves engagement session inside public library bombo headlands engagement session

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