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Meet Daniel K Cheung, Founder & Creative Director of Angus Porter Photography

What We Do

Our clients don’t hire us for our photographs. Our clients hire us because we understand what they want. And in doing so, we have a proven track record of delivering our clients with what they desire.

For our non-commercial customers, they are often discerning couples seeking a unique experience and the preservation of memories. The resultant digital images, physical matte art prints and/or album are simply a means to access their memories for years to come.

For the event stylist who has poured 40+ hours into a single project, our photographs have allowed him/her to demonstrate their value to prospective clients.

For the event manager responsible for VIP guests, our photographs have validated their efforts and budget spends to their superiors whilst impressing their stakeholders.

For HR and marketing managers, our photographs of staff and workplaces have provided their organisations with visual content to use.

We offer more than just professional photography. We help you achieve your goals.

meet dan

Despite being formally trained in both Speech Pathology & MBA (Finance), Dan prefers providing solutions outside of the box.

His ability to empathise with clients and their needs is what makes Angus Porter Photography one of Sydney’s photographers.

As as you can tell, he doesn’t take life too seriously.

for your peace of mind

Daniel has been a professional photographer since late 2010. As the principal photographer at Angus Porter Photography, he has worked closely with over 300 clients.

We hold $20M Public Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Injury, and equipment insurance. Certificate of Currency available upon request.

We are registered for GST.

We do not publish images from your event in the public domain without prior written consent. We do this to protect the privacy of your guests, staff and stakeholders.

Our payment terms for commercial clients are 2/10 NET 30, payable by EFT or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

What We Do

On-site or on-location, we offer photography solutions for individuals and brands that demand only the very best.

Luxe ‘Not A Pre-Wedding’ Adventures

Commercial Photography

Event Photography

Soul-Filled Wedding Storytelling


For your peace of mine, we carry:

$20M Public Liability Insurance (AON)
Personal Accident Business Insurance (AON)
$25,000 Equipment Insurance (AON)





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