Family Photos Done Right
On Your Wedding Day

Family is a four letter word.

how to get the best family photos on your wedding day

Especially when it comes to trying to wrangle mum, dad, baby brother, and sister’s partner together.

Tempers can flare within seconds.

Because family is a four letter word.

This is Annie.
Her father is nowhere to be seen.
Mother is grumpy for no apparent reason.
Her nieces are having a tantrum.
And the baby of the family (her little bro) is wearing jeans.

You don’t have to be Annie.

Your 5 Tips To Getting Family Photos Done Right

Like you, we believe that family photos are one of the most important things to get done right on your wedding day.

After all, everyone is dressed up, everyone is present and everyone is celebrating a joyous occasion – the reality of life is that the next time everyone gathers it will most likely be a funeral.

So this is why it is critical to have happy memories of the entire tribe together.

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll get the heirloom memories that you and your loved ones deserve.

1. Hire the right photographer

Attention to detail usually comes from a deeper value.

Lighting a dark church with proper equipment, choosing the right backdrop, and ensuring that everyone looks great are signs that your wedding photographer cares about family portraits as much as you do.

2. Make a list

Planning is 80% of the battle won right?

Make a list of every family member that will be in attendance.

Make special note if there are any issues that the photographer should be aware of.

If you don’t want to spend an hour doing family photos, have bigger groups of family members together.

Even Santa makes a list and he ain’t even real!

Make the list!

3. Prepare Family Well In advance

Almost 99% of wedding day related frustration comes from confusion.

In the days leading to the wedding, inform family that formal portraits will take place and tell them when they’ll take place so that they don’t drift away.

Remind them what they should wear to avoid Annie moments.

4. Prioritise elderly first

Needless to say, grandma shouldn’t be standing in the heat/cold/rain for extended periods. Structure the formal portraits so that all elderly family members are included first.

For example, I prefer to photograph the married couple with grandparents first.

Then I’ll add in corresponding parent(s).

And keeping grandparents in the same position – bring in the extended family.

By doing this, grandparents can then have a rest (sit!) as the remainder of the formal portraits are being taken.

5. Nominate A Dedicated Wrangler

Even the most experienced shepherds have their sheep dog(s).

Chances are that your wedding photographer will not know your family members. You need someone who is familiar with your relatives to herd them to the right spot at the right time.

Remember that list you made?

Give your dedicated wrangler the list complete with names so that they can have each person at the right place at the right time.

I know from experience that Sydney marriage celebrants Jessie Cacchilo and Robyn Pattison happily and willingly can do this for you if you let them know beforehand.


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