5 reasons why
you do not want a
wedding videographer

By the end of this, you will do one of two things:

(a) decide that a wedding film is unnecessary and click away; or

(b) confirm your FOMO and realise that you’d be crazy to not have your wedding day retold via motion picture.

Here are the top five reasons why you do not want a wedding videographer.

5. You hate the sound of your own voice

Nothing makes you cringe more than hearing your own voice through a recording.

I, of all people, understand you.

Girlfriend, I get you!

That is why we produce a series of films for specific audiences and purposes in mind.

Don’t particularly love the sound of sitting through 2-minutes of your own dialogue?

You won’t have to!

Problem solved.

4. Wedding video costs a lot of money

You’re absolutely right.

Hiring a wedding videographer is a complete waste of money if you have no intention of watching and re-watching what they produce for you.

Because I charge anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 for a complete wedding narrative using film, physical prints, and photography, I can guarantee you that every couple that hire us have every intention to watch and re-watch the videos that we craft specifically for them.

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Imagine receiving a video just in time for Mothers Day featuring moments shared between you and your mum on your wedding day.

Imagine how you would feel receiving a surprise message from your husband, on your first wedding anniversary.

Imagine celebrating your grandfather’s life through the mindful documentation of him enjoying your wedding day.

Purpose is the answer.

And that is what my team and I promise to the select few.

Mindless wedding video that follows the same industry formula is 100% a waste of your money.

3. A friend told you, “We’ve never watched our wedding video.”

We all have that friend who got married, paid for a wedding photographer and a videographer, who after their wedding, couldn’t find a reasons to watch their wedding video(s).

Truth be told, this is more a fault of the industry than yours.

You’re not to blame for thinking that you need to be married in the first place in order to commit a lifetime to your partner.

You’re not to blame for believing that you must wear a white wedding dress.

You’re forgiven for feeling the pressure that you must have professional wedding photographs and film.

You don’t need any of this.

The number reason why you will not watch your wedding video is because the video has no purpose.

The industry standard of a short version and an extended highlight makes absolutely no sense. We don’t even offer this, no matter how much money you want to pay me.

Our couples hire me because I give them what they need.

Like me, they see their relationship together as an investment that needs continuous nurturing.

I don’t know about you but there is nothing romantic about marriage (go on, ask any married couple for the truth).

The romance comes from you, not the institution – where you and your partner make a daily decision to love each other unconditionally – no matter how much the other person drives you mad with their BS.

My clients get this.

And as a reward for dropping so much coin on our services, I gift each one of them not with wedding photos and videos, but with lifelong access to meaningful moments so that they may fall in love with each other again and again.

2. Wedding videos look so staged

Not just staged. I’ll go one step further.

Most wedding videos are filled with fluff, fillers, and b-roll rubbish.

Once again, this is more a commentary on the state of my industry rather than a fault of you the consumer.

All those slow motion sequences, all those panning shots of your shoes, dress, flowers, rings etc, and all those trendy transitions between cuts – they’re all filler.

These are all symptoms of meaningless garbage.

It is the opposite of storytelling.

You deserve the very best that life has to offer, not filler.

You deserve to see your mum as the realisation hits her that you’re finally independent.

You deserve to see your father looking stiff AF, but mostly proud AF, as he walks you down the aisle (and inevitable steps on your dress the hundredth time – like C’MON dad, it’s ONLY a 50m walk!).

You deserve to see how your beloved nieces were absolutely smitten by you on your wedding day and wonder 10 years later why they turned out to complete b*tches.

You deserve to feel all the feels.

So why settle for anything less?

1. You don’t want a videographer

By definition, a videographer is simply a camera operator.

Almost anyone can fill that position.

You’re not paying me $18,000 for two videographers.

You’re not paying me $18,000 to produce you a few films.

You’re paying me $18,000 to give you lifelong access to meaningful memories so that you and your spouse may fall in love with each other again and again.

It just so happens that two experienced camera operators are required to get the footage in order to produce you a few films.


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